Order Back Issues Of Your Favorite VW Magazines

Over the years, the popular VW magazines have been packed with hundreds of articles highlighting repair procedures, beautiful show cars and VW Shows and events all over the world. Like most people, you've only subscribed to these publications for a few years, so when someone talks about a great article from the past, you're gonna wish you could find a copy of that old issue. It seems like there's always a few swappers selling old copies at the major VW events and swap meets, but if you can't find the issue you're looking for, there is an alternative. Both Hot VW's and VW Trends still have copies of some of their "back issues" laying around. Their supplies are limited, but you might get lucky and find what you're looking for. So here's how to order back issues:

Hot VW's
The first thing you need to do, is find out if they still have any copies of the issue you're looking for. The easiest way to do this is to go out to their website: www.hotvws.com, and click on the "Back Issues" button. This will display their "Back Issues Form". You can scroll up and down this form to see which back issues they still have available (basically, if you don't see it on the form, it's probably not available). If you find the issue(s) you want, fill in your name and address info and click the box next to each issue you're interested in. Then scroll to the bottom and click on the "Send To Printer" button to print a copy of the order form which you can then mail to them, along with your check. If you want to make sure they really still have the issue you're looking for, you can give Wright Publishing a call at (714) 979-2560 (then 0 for the Operator) and ask them if they could take a quick look for the issue you're searching for (but be warned, they can't actually take the order over the phone - you'll still have to mail in the request). They charge $6.00 for each issue ($7.00 for each issue if you live in Canada, or $8.00 for each issue if you live overseas). Also note that if the issue is no longer available, the Back Issue Department may be able to provide you with a copy of the specific article you were looking for (for $4.00 per article). Mail your check and the order form (or a letter listing the issues you want to purchase) to:

Hot VW'S Back Issue Dept.
PO Box 2260
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

VW Trends
Yeah, VW Trends ceased publication with the March 2005 issue, but they still sell copies of their back issues. So call Primedia Publishing at (866) 542-2679 and ask for the "VW Trends Back Issues Department". Then just tell them which issues you're looking for (as of March 2006 they still had copies going back as far as September 2003). They'll take your credit card info and name/address, and mail you your back issues in a couple of weeks.
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