Volkswagen Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance For your Vintage VW
You've finally completed a beautiful restoration of your vintage Volkswagen, or maybe you've just purchased the classic VW you've always wanted. Whatever the condition or rarity of your Vintage VW, the first thing you need to do is get it insured. Initially, make a call to the agent who handles the insurance on your modern vehicles, and have your VW added to that policy. Note that most auto insurance policies will automatically cover your new purchase for 30 days, so you know you'll be covered on the drive home and over the weekend, but check with your insurance agent ahead of time to make sure this is true. The bottom-line here is to get your vintage Volkswagen insured as soon as possible!

Having your Classic Volkswagen insured through the same policy that covers your modern vehicles is convenient, but can be costly. Luckily, since your Vintage VW is more that 24 years old, it qualifies for "Classic Car Insurance", which is a sweet deal because a "Classic Car Insurance" policy can save you a lot of money! Since most Classic cars are guarded carefully by their owners, and seldom driven, Insurance Company don't see much risk in insuring them, so insuring your Vintage VW with a "Classic Car Insurance" policy might only cost you $50 or $60 buck a year, which is a real bargain! So check out these tips for finding the best Classic Auto Insurance policy for your Classic VW:
  1. First ask your agent if he has a good Classic Car Insurance policy that would fit your needs. Since he already has the car insurance on your modern vehicles, he may be able to quote you a great rate on a Classic Auto policy for your vintage Volkswagen.

  2. Some Classic Car Insurance policies will limit the number of miles you can drive per year, some may restrict the kind of driving you do in your VW (like, you can't use your classic vehicle to commute to work, can only drive it to car shows, don't even think of racing, etc.). Some policies will require that you park your VW in an indoor, secured building. So make sure the terms and restrictions fit your situation.

  3. Take a bunch of digital shots of your VW. Include shots of all sides of the car, the engine, the interior, the trunk. Make sure to take shots of special features like an awesome paint job, built-up motor with tons of chrome, expensive after-market wheels, high-end sound system, etc. Your agent will want you to email these to include in your file, and you shoud keep copies in case something gets damaged or stolen and you need to prove how awesome your VW was.

  4. Consider getting your Volkswagen appraised - especially if it's worth more than an ordinary VW because of it's rarity, amazing condition, or long list of special accessories and upgrades. Choose a reputable shop or individual to do the appraisal. Look in the yellow pages. Ask folks who are showing top notch VWs at car shows, ask your Insurance Agent. Often, a high-quality VW restoration shop, reseller or mechanic will do just fine. Just make sure the appraiser understands Vintage Volkswagens. Also make sure the appraiser provides you with a written summary of the appraisal, that clearly states the date of the appraisal and his estimate of your VW's value. Submit a copy of the appraisal to your agent and keep a copy for your records. Usually you'll have to pay for the appraisal, but if you later need to submit a claim, you'll be glad to have written proof of your VW's value, before the accident or damage.

  5. Anytime you make big changes to your VW (like an expensive set of rims, installing a high-end motor, etc.) notify your insurance agent, in case he needs to increase the insured value of your car.

  6. Keep all receipts and documentation for everything that you and the previous owners have done to the car. If you need to submit an insurance claim, these documents will prove what accessories and upgrades your VW had, and what these improvements cost.

  7. To keep your premium as low as possible, have your agent setup the policy so premiums are due every 6 or 12 months. If you set it up to pay the premium more frequently than this, the insurance company will often slap on an extra "processing fee", which will increase your premium amount.

  8. Don't abuse your Classic Car Insurance policy, by submitted claims for small stuff that you can fix, or easily have someone else fix. You need Auto insurance in case something large and expensive happens (like you're in an accident or the car is stolen), and the more claims you submit, the more the insurance company will realize that you're an "insurance risk", and they'll jack up your premiums, or in extreme situations they may cancel your policy!
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