The year 2007 is a significant milestone for Wolfsburg West, because it marks 20 years since Tony Moore first opened a small shop in La Habra, California and began selling quality parts for the emerging Volkswagen restoration hobby. While restoring his own '55 Cabriolet, Tony had become painfully aware of how difficult it was to find quality parts for restoring air-cooled VW's and his vision for Wolfsburg West grew out of his determination to use only the highest quality parts for his own restoration.

Although Wolfsburg West started out small, offering around 1000 different (mostly NOS) parts, their reputation for quality parts and great customer service earned them high marks from their customers, and their successes enabled them to grow quickly. Barely 6 months after opening his doors, Tony brought Mark Depew onboard, as WW's first employee, a title Mark still proudly holds today! Demand for their parts offerings continued to grow, and after 2 years it was obvious that a larger facility was needed. Fortunately, Tony was able to find larger quarters in La Habra. The new location was a success, enabling Wolfsburg West to begin offering quality reproduction parts (the very first reproduction part made by Wolfsburg West, the “Bear Claw” hub cap puller accessory, is still available today) as well as a small showroom stocked with rare NOS parts.

After 4 years at the second La Habra location, it was again time to expand, so Wolfsburg West moved to a new 10,500 sq.ft. building in Anaheim, California. Moving to such a large facility was overwelming for the 6 year old enterprise, but it was great to finally have enough room for the growing inventory of parts! This was a time of big changes and challanges as the supply of original parts continued to shrink. It was now more obvious than ever that the continued demand for quality "original" parts was creating a strong market for high-quality reproduction parts. Wolfsburg West had already reproduced many parts no longer available but it was not enough. Spearheading the Volkswagen reproduction parts industry, Wolfsburg West continued to expand their selection of quality reproduction parts. But now their ever-expanding parts inventory forced them to once again look for larger quarters.

Finally a new building almost three times the size of their Anaheim shop, was located in Corona, California. Initially, Tony was "worried that we wouldn't be able to fill the place", but the move to this new 28,500 sq.ft. building took place in 2001, and now Wolfsburg West has become the largest "stock" Volkswagen parts dealer in the world! From it's selection of quality parts (5,000 at last count) to it's well-designed and very detailed Website, Wolfsburg West continues to innovate and expand it's selection of high-quality reproduction parts.

2007 is a year of celebration for Wolfsburg West as they reflect on the past, look to the future and honor their loyal customers who have made a lot of this success possible. So join in the fun and help Wolfsburg West and it's 19 employees celebrate their 20 year Anniversary. Lots of special surprises and promotions are planned throughout the year, so visit their website ( often so you don't miss out on the fun!
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